How To Reduce the Online Store Abandonment, How To Fix It.

On your ecommerce store are you getting sufficient traffic of customers? If your answer is no, did you track customers behavior? In 2006 to 2016, 68% of e-commerce shops were abandoned and this is a big number!

To reduce the portal cart abandonment, first fix all the loopholes.

Do you want to know how to fix it?

  1. Cost Issue: High Cost vs. Low Cost

Now it’s time to discuss, 71% online customers like to buy products or services online because they assume that they get a better price.  At this stage you will lose your customer because of high price because at your online store they are not getting best price.

Other reasons are:

  1. List the cost or price in local currency.
  2. Customers always expected currency conversion is done by cart itself.
  3. Some store show the addition taxes like vat in the bill at the end, but customer never interested in paying that extra charges, so they leave your store
  4. Shipping Charges Free vs. Paid

     2. Customer: “Why I pay for shipping when other shipping goods free”

Now many of the online carts are offering free shipping, due to this 74% customers leave the shop who is charging for shipping.

*as per COmScore report approx 60% customers prefer to cancel their order goods, when they notice the shipping charges are high.


  1. Checkout steps:

Always use minimum steps to checkout because multiple or many steps in checkout can frustrate your customers and it gives time to think again before ordering the goods. And they can leave your online store in meanwhile.

  1. Bugging-Up Customers With A Compulsory Sign Up

It is good to take email ID and details of your customer for marketing like to share new offers or discount coupons but taking details forcefully is not a good solution or practice. You can collect these details at the time of checkout.

  1. Clear Navigation

Navigation plays an important role in online shops or ecommerce portals. Before designing the navigation first put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine what they want. With an irritating and confusing navigation you lose your customers easily. Because no one is interested in wasting their time in understanding the technicality of navigation.

  1. Payment Options

In your online shop, always provide as much as possible modes to pay at the time of checkout. Always include most popular payment options of different common & popular banks. Customers also prefer to pay from net banking, debit cards and credit cards so must include these things in your online shop.


  1. Customer Support

In online shopping on ecommerce websites and shops customer has no salesmen to whom they can discuss about the products. So an online customers wants a good support through website and after order customer services if they have any query regarding anything like shipping, refund, details of products. So at your ecommerce portal you have to take care of all things which a customer wants from you. Even 93% customer prefers live chat option to discuss their issue.

Smiling young couple shaking hands with an insurance agent

  1. Offers & Coupon Code

Most of the newcomers in online store rarely offer coupon and promotional codes. But by offering promotion codes and coupons you can motivate your current and new customers to order from your website.



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